LUDO Studio Sketch Class
By Tonia Chen Follow | Public

In order to fulfil people’s art/sketch skill improvement, LUDO Studio has been carrying on “sketch class” since few years ago; we are welcome “basic learners” and “advance level learners” to join us.

“LUDO studio” has been established since 2011; provide (a) art/painting class, (b) digital painting/concept art tutorial, (c) game development, etc.

Who is the teacher: Mr Lu D.B. graduated from “Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts” and specialised in Pencil sketch & digital painting (especially concept art industry).

Mr Lu participated more than 5 the most successful game/animation project in Taiwan & mainlined China.

What about the class: each module formed with 4 classes (each class is 4hrs), due to we keep small group of class, each students can enjoy almost 1 to 1 tutorial.

Among 4hrs we teach theory (30%), teacher’s demo (30%), students practice & teacher’s guidance (40%)
Basically sketch of “simple plaster cast”, “simple object” and so on, basically teach you how to stroke lines, how to combine different lines to express darkness and brightness, how to finish a completed sketch, etc.